Lady Liberty

when men who loved God and good united for freedom, stood and threw off the grasp of great tyranny, a miracle like none before, delivered through blood and war proclaimed its birth for eternity - a symbol of freedom, she stands tall for all to see - a flame in the dark for the world to find - now sleepy hands are loosening their hold on morality i’m sure this is not what they had in mind - can’t you see what’s happening? we’re losing the means to be free - how can we allow the day to come when the world can ask, ‘who’s lady liberty?’ it’s like we’ve forgotten all the times we’ve been hit before - inspired to stand, locked hand-in-hand - if we don’t turn around before fate winds fully down, we’ll crumble and fall like we’re made of sand - when men who loved God and good gave everything they could to forge an idea both great and true - they knew someday we would doubt, but then we would figure out the land of the free is ours to lose - while i’m alive, i’ll fight for your dream, beautiful lady liberty

Writer's Notes:
A shout-out to our founding fathers, this song is a reminder of what can happen if ‘we the people’ aren’t paying attention...