it’s gotten so ridiculous, no longer inconspicuous - hurt feelings are a heresy - accusations, hypocrisy - when did you go down the drain? you only know how to complain - oppression here, racism there - intolerance is everywhere - let it go - you’re not the only one here, might just as well disappear - what makes you think you will be commended? you all can stand up and scream, maybe it’s low self-esteem - sometimes we all need to be offended - it never ends, there is no shame, offended by somebody else’s name - you’re tongue-tied and tight-lipped, equalization and censorship - let it go - when will you open your eyes? it’s all just hate in disguise - before you know it your life has ended - you feel like starting a war, remember God keeps the score, forgive me if you were just offended

Writer's Notes:
Who else is sick to death of political correctness?